Everyone is looking for easy ways to spruce up their home. As spring
approaches, those warm, cozy rooms that were so inviting in the cold can
look cluttered and dark. If redecorating every season isn’t in your budget –
and how many people can – then consider adding or changing a rug or two
for big impact and often less than $500.

Rugs have the ability to transform the look and feel of a room, adding
interest, style, and personality. These decorative elements can be easily
changed, stored, or removed as the season or mood determines. Imagine a
bright blue area rug in the kids’ room or a soft-toned Kilim added to the
family room. Experiment with color, size, and texture which can change the
atmosphere of the space in a few short minutes.

Rugs can also change the feel of the room by defining different areas.
Modern floor plans boast big open spaces, so adding a rug under the sofa
can distinguish it from the dining area, as an example. Different colors and
patterns will affect the energy of the room as well. Bedrooms would benefit
from the calming tone-on-tone of a neutral hue while a busy kitchen might
be enhanced with a pop of bright yellow or red near the sink.

Big box home stores and local marketplaces are filled with rugs of all sizes
and colors. Even the larger area rugs can cost less than $500. Changing or
adding a rug is a great way to change the look and feel of any room,
updating or elevating the atmosphere and sense of home.