A common regret around taking down the holiday decorations is how bare
the home looks suddenly. Fortunately for anyone ready to upgrade their
design in 2023, new trends are offering more comfort and coziness than
we’ve seen lately.

For the past few years, home designers have created a blend of
minimalism and simplicity in their home styles. This style involves removing
anything from the space that is not necessary for function or lifestyle. The
common phrase, “does it spark joy,” is a new mantra for homeowners
hoping to eliminate clutter from their homes.

As the new year approaches, this mindset has been thrown out the window.
Maximalism is the new theme. Color and patterns, textures, and excess
have replaced the sleek lines and neutral colors of minimalist design. Home
décor trends now invite the consumer to play with bold colors and
contrasting patterns and shapes. Almost anything goes.

It’s important to note that this is not an invitation for clutter. A perusal of
home magazines and design books emphasizing the latest “boho” style,
clearly shows a method to the design. The furnishings are functional and
comfortable. Color palettes are curated for harmony and mood. While this
is a great time to experiment, to avoid creating a hodge-podge of design,
thought is more important than ever.

2023 is almost here and with it a fresh approach to décor. Forget the
the minimalist style of the past and embrace maximalism; with all the print,
color, and excitement it brings to the home.