Buying or selling a home can be stressful, even in normal times. Right now, when
the housing market is moving at a frenetic pace, both buyers and sellers are
making quick decisions and are feeling extreme pressure. As the tension rises, it
can be easy to overlook the end goal; right-sized home, relocation, dream home,
etc. Try not to lose focus!

Buyer Challenges

Facing a very tight inventory of available properties, buyers have limited time to
arrange to tour homes and knowing they must make a quick decision once they
have. Buyers do not have the luxury of a second look or hesitation and often are
competing against multiple offers, adding to the pressure.

Seller Challenges

Sellers are also feeling the challenge of the frantic pace. While it is nice to have
multiple offers from which to choose, the fact that the offers are at times being
made sight-unseen means that some of the offers may not be the buyer’s first
choice and they could lose a “real” offer by choosing to work with the wrong one.
In addition, if the seller intends to buy another home, then they will be in the
same position as the buyers once they enter that side of the competitive market.

The bottom line in each case, however, is to stay focused on the end goal. Why
are you looking to buy or sell? Working with your agent, and relying on their
experience, keep your eye on the prize and recognize that the goal will be worth
the effort.