The kitchen pantry is one of those areas that can quickly become a mess. Older
cans and boxes keep getting pushed to the back and forgotten. How many of us
have found cans of green beans dating back a decade or two during a spring
cleaning? Or a box of crackers that went stale because you forgot (or didn’t know)
it was opened?

If you have a free weekend and are looking for a satisfying project, consider a
pantry clean-out and reorganization. It’ll eliminate some stress if you can actually
see the groceries and supplies you have, and make sure they’re fresh! Here are a
few quick ways to bring order to your food pantry.

1. Use Clear Storage Containers – Using clear and stackable storage
containers with simple labels will not only make it easy to see the food but
save valuable space as well and keep the food fresher longer.

2. Use the Door Space – A great use of the pantry door is to add a storage
rack to the door itself. Use shelves and baskets to corral spices and favorite
snacks, or smaller items that can get lost.

3. Chalkboard Lists – Another great use for the inside of the pantry door, or
an area near the pantry, is to use chalkboard paint to create a place to keep
lists. Use this chalkboard to keep track of items you need as you use them,
or to keep an inventory of what you have in the pantry so it gets used
before it expires.

4. Sort the Items – Organize your pantry by use. For example, keep baking
supplies together to allow for easy access when you want to make cookies,
or organize all the kids’ snacks on a shelf that’s within their reach (or out of
reach, if it’s treats!).

5. Keep Things Well-Lit – Finally, don’t neglect the lighting in your pantry. If
you have an area which has become a “black hole,” add lighting, either
wired or battery, to help make sure you can see what’s back there.

A well-organized pantry is just a weekend away and will make cooking and
grocery shopping much easier.